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League Bowling – SNK (1990)

Bowling is a pretty simple sport.  Basically you just roll a ball down a greased lane and attempt to knock over 10 pins.  There is no strategy, no teamwork.  You don’t have to memorize plays or try to understand lots of different rules.  All you have to do is knock over as many pins as possible in two shots.  Why then is it so hard to get a bowling video game right?  I have played lots of so-so bowling games that just weren’t much fun to play.  Thankfully SNK got it perfect!

The first thing you will notice are the graphics.  They are crisp, bright and colorful, exactly what you would expect from a Neo Geo game.  The bowlers are well drawn giving it a really cartoon look.  I don’t have any complaints about the graphics at all as I think they are perfectly represent bowling...

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Streets of Rage – Sega (1991)

Streets of Rage is your typical side scrolling action beat ’em up that was the Genesis’ answer to Double Dragon.  Just like Double Dragon the game has you moving left to right and kicking the crap out of anything that gets in your way.  Unlike Double Dragon you do have three different characters to choose from.  Also these three character are rating in three different categories; Strength, Speed and Jumping.  It doesn’t matter what character you choose as they are really play the same.

Streets of Rage is great fun going solo but add a friend and it is a whole different game. Not only can two players handle the numerous enemy attackers more effectively, but you can work together and do some really great combo moves using both players if your timing is correct...

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