Kid Icarus – Nintendo (1986)

Kid Icarus is one of the best games on Nintendo’s 8-bit machine period.  Everything about Kid Icarus is top notch from the awesome level design, interesting enemies and great music.  It is platform gaming nirvana! Besides Metroid this is probably my favorite (non Mario) platform game onthe N.E.S.

The game takes place in the Kingdom of Angel Land and we find that they are under attack by an army of underworld monsters, led by the evil Medusa. The monsters have captured Palutena, the Princess of Light, and are holding her in the Palace in the Sky. A young lad by the name of Pitt has taken up the call to rescue the Princess and defeat the evil army.

The object of the game is quite simple, just make your way to the top of each level while collecting hearts which can be used to buy better weapons that will help you on your journey.  Pitt’s quest take him through four areas: the Underworld, the Overworld, the Skyworld, and the Palace. The first and third worlds have vertically scrolling levels, while the second and forth worlds scroll horizontally. Pitt’s mission is to get to the end of each level. However many mythological minions block Pit’s way. These range from smaller creatures like snakes and snowmen to larger foes like the Reaper and the infamous Eggplant Wizard. Pit can shoot unlimited arrows to fight his foes, and can also find items to increase his power. As he kills enemies he gets hearts which can be used in shops to buy weapons and other items to help him out. He also scores points, and if he has enough at the end of a level, his life meter gets lengthened. There are also rooms Pit can enter for special bonuses. However, despite having wings Pit can’t fly until the fourth world, and if Pit falls off the bottom of the screen, he’s gone. Every fo

urth level is a castle stage; Pit must make his way through several rooms to find the boss. Each one of the bosses has one of the Sacred Treasures, and once Pit has all three he can fly for a showdown with Medusa.

The gameplay is great but because you can accidentally fall to your death in so many places it really raises the difficulty level. As you progress up the level the game scrolls with you and if, at anytime, you miss a platform the game doesn’t scroll down with you and allow you to land on a platform below … you fall into nothingness and die.  This can be quite frustrating, especially if you have made it almost to the top of a level and miss one platform and are then required to start over from the bottom

If you are looking for a great classic game to pass the time with I highly recommend Kid Icarus.  It has great gameplay, crisp graphics and great music.  Classic games don’t get any better than this!

Reviewed by Jason

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