Metal Slug – Nazca (1996)

How do you go about writing a review for a game as famous as Metal Slug? Very carefully.  You see, so many people around the world love this game that if anyone were to write anything disparaging about it they could look forward to some major backlash.  With that said … on with the review!

The story is standard fare … a madman is bent on world domination and you must bring his reign of terror to an end. You can go it alone or bring a buddy along and whip some major ass.  Armed with a wide array of weapons, you’ll progress through six levels of side scrolling nirvana, blasting anything in your way.  You will even be able to jump into the title’s namesake for some major damage dealing!

Graphic wise this is the really shows off the power of the Neo Geo.  Beautiful hand drawn images and spectacular animation.  The explosions in the game are most definitely a sight to see.  Screw the 3D polygon images of current generation systems like the PS2 and X-Box, this is where gaming is at!   You might find yourself forgetting about the action on the screen as you step back and just admire the entire image.  If Metal Slug ever goes 3D I will cry!

The controls are simple to jump into and don’t get in the way of the action. Rotating a turret while moving takes might take some practice but once you get it down it becomes second nature. This is classic gameplay at its very best.

The only complaint I could think of is that it is over too soon and the replay value is just not there.  Once you go through it once you have seen and done everything.  Unlike games of today there are no secret levels or side quests for you.  You basically just scroll left to right on all levels.  That is it!  If there was one thing to add it would be this.

Again this is a great game that everyone should play.  Regardless of the lack of replay ability this is still one fantastic ride.  Jump into the nearest Metal Slug and save the world … again!

Reviewed by Jason

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