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Aliens Vs. Predator – Activision (1994)

I actually never owned the Atari Jaguar but my brother did so I was able to play a bunch of its games. For being a 64-Bit system most of the stuff he bought or rented wasn’t the best quality. The one major exception to this was Aliens Vs. Predator. This was such a great game and totally blew away Doom, which I was currently playing on my PC. Aliens Vs. Predator was one of the first games that actually scared me.

When starting the game you have the choice to play as a Marine, an Alien or a Predator. And just so there is no confusion your choice really matters as they are not cookie cutters of each other. They all play and control differently and the interface is specific for each character. Choosing your character is a very serious decision...

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Paperboy – Mindscape (1988)

Who thought your childhood paper route could have been this fun? Paperboy was just the game to bring some fun to the monotony of delivering papers to all of the people on your street. In my case it gave me a much more exciting experience than real life did, since I lived in an area where there were no paper routes, too far out of the city you could say. In any event, this game helped me to pass many an hour during my childhood.

The premise of this game was pretty straightforward. You had to deliver your newspapers to everyone that had a subscription on your street. You start of on Monday and need to work your way to Sunday. Now this sounds pretty simple...

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