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Paperboy – Mindscape (1988)

Who thought your childhood paper route could have been this fun? Paperboy was just the game to bring some fun to the monotony of delivering papers to all of the people on your street. In my case it gave me a much more exciting experience than real life did, since I lived in an area where there were no paper routes, too far out of the city you could say. In any event, this game helped me to pass many an hour during my childhood.

The premise of this game was pretty straightforward. You had to deliver your newspapers to everyone that had a subscription on your street. You start of on Monday and need to work your way to Sunday. Now this sounds pretty simple...

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Metroid – Nintendo (1986)

You can’t think of the 8-Bit N.E.S. without remembering Metroid.  Nintendo has created some fantastic franchise series and this is probably my favorite.  The story, controls and even the graphics (for the time) were incredible and hold up really well today.  If all games were as good as Metroid then we wouldn’t have time for our jobs, school or families!

This probably could be classified as an action/RPG as it was one of the first games to introduce a system of backtracking to areas previously visited.  You would have to find and locate certain items that were necessary to gain access to areas later on in the game, and upgrading your character was essential for survival. Sure we have seen this in most current games but it was quite an achievement at the time.

You play as Samus Aran, a ...

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Kid Icarus – Nintendo (1986)

Kid Icarus is one of the best games on Nintendo’s 8-bit machine period.  Everything about Kid Icarus is top notch from the awesome level design, interesting enemies and great music.  It is platform gaming nirvana! Besides Metroid this is probably my favorite (non Mario) platform game onthe N.E.S.

The game takes place in the Kingdom of Angel Land and we find that they are under attack by an army of underworld monsters, led by the evil Medusa. The monsters have captured Palutena, the Princess of Light, and are holding her in the Palace in the Sky. A young lad by the name of Pitt has taken up the call to rescue the Princess and defeat the evil army.

The object of the game is quite simple, just make your way to the top of each level while collecting hearts which can be used to buy better ...

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Bubble Bobble – Taito (1988)

I figured that since I listed Bubble Bobble as my favorite game of all time, it deserved a review on this site. This is the kind of game that everyone loves, and pretty much everyone has played. People have noted that the version of Bubble Bobble that is most like the arcade version is the Master System version. When I make mention of the game, people will usually jokingly start to whistle the song from the game. If you’ve played it, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’ve played Bubble Bobble, you’ve probably played it a great deal.

From the story in the manual: “In a strange and magical forest full of danger and delight, where everything is good to eat and jolly round dinosaurs bounce and play in peace, lived two such creatures named Bub and Bob...

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River City Ransom – Technos (1989)

The first time I ever read about River City Ransom was in an old issue of Nintendo Power. It looked terrific. It had great graphics, a neat story, and a fighting system that resembled a juiced-up Double Dragon. In fact, it was developed by Technos Japan, the team that produced the Double Dragon games. However, that wasn’t what really pulled me in… it had stores.

The story is simple, although a bit more complex than, say, Super Dodge Ball. Actually, it goes like this: Alex and Ryan are two cool young fighters who go to Cross Town High. “SLICK” kidnaps Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi and is holding her hostage at River City High on the other side of town. SLICK leaves his henchmen all over town to stop you from getting her back...

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