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Herzog Zwei – Technosoft (1989)

Gaming nirvana! Yes, that is what this game is. I bought this game just after getting my Genesis in ’89 not knowing anything about it except it was buy the makers of Thunderforce II. At first I was like “huh, what is this all about?” and “what am I supposed to do?” but then after about an hour I was picking it up really well. This was a realtime strategy game before there were realtime strategy games. And it was on the Genesis!

The game pits you against a friend or the computer in a battle to destroy the other’s main base. You control a transforming fighter plane/cargo plane/giant robot (to be referred to as just plane in the rest of the review) in your attempt for map dominance...

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – Sega (1991)

With Michael Jackson being in the news so much lately I thought to myself, “Why not take a look at a classic game starring the King of Pop?” If this review goes well I might even review Kobe Bryant’s Basketball next!

The premise of the game is now disturbing because of Michael Jackson’s legal problems.  Mr. Big (that is original) is out to take over the world so he kidnaps all the children. Your goal is to rescue each level’s hidden children before time runs out.  Sound simple?  Nope, you’ll have to face a variety of enemies as you progress through the levels.  The enemies and locals are varied, from mobsters in Club 30, zombies and ghouls in the woods, spiders in the Caverns, to armed troops in the Enemy Hideout (again original).

You might be thinking right now, “How does ...

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Streets of Rage – Sega (1991)

Streets of Rage is your typical side scrolling action beat ’em up that was the Genesis’ answer to Double Dragon.  Just like Double Dragon the game has you moving left to right and kicking the crap out of anything that gets in your way.  Unlike Double Dragon you do have three different characters to choose from.  Also these three character are rating in three different categories; Strength, Speed and Jumping.  It doesn’t matter what character you choose as they are really play the same.

Streets of Rage is great fun going solo but add a friend and it is a whole different game. Not only can two players handle the numerous enemy attackers more effectively, but you can work together and do some really great combo moves using both players if your timing is correct...

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